My first trip to a nudist resort was neither casual nor spontaneous.

It was a thoroughly studied and planned endeavour. I had been at the nude beach, and was ready for the nudist social arena. portugal nudist , on the other hand – not so much. Sure, we were nude at home quite frequently; but the prospect of socializing with bare strangers did not enthrall her. She’d even turned down a skinny-dipping trip with a buddy; and it just would have been the three of us in her secluded pool. My goal became clear: to “sell” a totally stress-free clothes-optional experience to my wife.
And I discovered that the resort was pretty “slow” on weekdays between March and May, and that first-timers were enabled to be clothes-optional.
We arrived on a weekday morning; I believe it was in May. We checked in to . We returned to our car; I immediately tossed off my clothes, my wife opted for a buttoned summer dress. We walked around, exploring the reasons; there were maybe four or five members there, likely residents.

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We went for a quick walk on one of the trails; and that’s when I suddenly understood that she had unbuttoned her dress. She had found the feeling of the cool morning breeze! That was really the only goal I had set that day; for her to at least discover some worth to resort nudism. And she had. But the actual turning point was when we seen the hottub region; at that point she was sold: she needed to get in the hottub. So I ran back to the car, grabbed a few towels and came back to find her nude, sitting on the edge of the hottub. We got in, relaxed for a while and chose to call it a day.

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