Dale Slips into a Nudist Camp

My story is nicely over 3000 words, however you can read it at

-Dale Lund
Branson, Missouri
A Newbie at Social Nudism

Being naked outside for the first time was a real experience. I started off with taking my
pet out. I simply wore a top that went down to below the crotch. I genuinely liked the cool wind that reached parts of me that
had never felt a cool wind. All I can declare is
“WOW.” It felt so great that I needed more.

So I undid the buttons all down the front. That let in more coolness, and I only felt the “WOW even more powerful. My mind just said do it. So I
took off the shirt and there I was fully
Naked to the cool wind. The “”WOW”” was even
more extreme. My head just said yes, yes, yes.

I need to quit messing around and just admit
I’m now a nudist. I have consistently loved being
Bare whenever possible. Now I’m a nudist with
the strong desire to do it with others of a like mind and outlook.

WOW, what a wonderful feeling!

First Awakening

At the office, my supervisor and coworker dwelt near the top beach on Long Island and asked me to join his family for a beach day, so I concurred. It turned out to be a private beach, the town’s only resident seashore. Jones Beach is very conservative, so Jim told me to walk far left at the coastline. In minutes I saw people standing by a 10 ft totem pole, they all were naked and had long ponytails, and a sign said “clothing optional.”

We spread a blanket, pals went nude in a casual way, I sat and wondered what to do. Jim said take off your suit. Not going, he said take it off and take pleasure in the waves. I did, and the windy waves on my body proved to be a whole new life awareness.

I have never become the same inhibited soul after that. Nature was a blast, there all the time, and the present was mine.

-Louis P.
NYC, New York
First Time For us both

A number of years ago, I started to be drawn to social nudity. I adored being naked since I was around 10. I had to slip out of my pj’s when I slept, then sneak back into them. Just a textile family.

Well, across the time I turned 48 I decided I wanted to know more, and started surfing sites. http://videonudism.com/teens , etc. From this I discovered Hidden River Resort in north Florida.

I’d get information from the AANR site, and assorted Christian Nudist newsgroups, and then forward that information to my wife. She was open to trying. So one day we decided to head to Hidden River Resort in north Florida.

We arrived and with lots of trepidation, got a tour of the facilities. Afterward we paid the fees, and drove onto the property.

Within only a few minutes, I was undressed and feeling free. My wife nevertheless went considerably slower. She’d shorts on and a towel around her top.

We decided to walk the routes first. As we walked she inquired how I felt. “Is not it peculiar?” I shared how freeing it was.

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We afterward saw another naked couple, and nothing occurred! We said hello – and spoke a few minutes – and it was not bizarre. It was http://beach-patrol.biz . As we left them, my wife’s towel came off.

Then she looked at me and said “Lets go to the pool.” I was surprised – she had to be nude.

We went back to the vehicle, and she freely undressed, and we walked to the outdoor showers. “Nude as jay birds.”

It was excellent – we spent a couple of hours in the pool, hanging out and talking. What a great day trip – excellent folks, along with the hostess was top notch!

If you arer worried about getting aroused, or others seeing you – do not be. After you get your clothes away – we all look the same!

Thanks AANR for the info you provided. Thank you Hidden River for the truly amazing intro and also the ease of which you helped us into our comfort zone. Thank you CNC as well as the other Christian forums for helping us see that we can still have our faith – and enjoy social nudity.

Now – we are constantly looking forward to our next visits, and we are slowly introducing our family members and friends to the lifestyle.

Why Did It Take Me So Long?

On a cruise of northern European capitols several years back, we spent a day riding bikes along the Baltic coast near Warnemunde. We stopped to consider the ocean and understood we were above a nude beach. First, we saw a young and fit couple. Subsequently we saw people who looked like me, mature and not too appropriate.

I determined that I needed to skinny dip for the first time in my adult life. My wife did not join me then. At the water’s edge, I removed my clothes and within minutes felt comfortable and free while swimming in the ocean.

Ever since then, we have joined AANR, visited clubs in the U.S. and Europe and I frequently skinny dip throughout the summer. I’ve discovered that if I swim early enough in the early hours, I possess the lake to myself. Now I can not believe that I ‘d to become old in order to feel comfortable in my skin.


Gunnison Beach – 6 A.M.I grew up in a dwelling where nudity was no big deal.

We occasionally would swim nude in our pretty private backyard, and nudity in the house was, although not encouraged, certainly not frowned on either.

As an adult there was never nice topless beach to revisit those carefree moments of youth. I traveled a good bit with my work and learned of the sanctioned nude beach at Sandy Hook, NJ.

Eventually I was in that place overnight and took the opportunity to visit the beach before starting my work day. I got to the beach sometime around 6 a.m. and the shore was abandoned and chilly. I sat in my garments on the sand and watched the sun come up. About 7:30 it got warm enough to take my clothing off and appreciate the sun, the sound of the surf and the wind. By then a couple of early risers had arrived at the beach, but it was still largely abandoned. I just had an hour or so on the seashore before I needed to begin my day.

I loved the sense of being nude in nature so much that I went back to the seashore after my appointments were completed and enjoyed the remaining part of the day on the much more busy beach, watching the sun go down before I left. At no time did I feel uncomfortable being nude in the business of other naked people. Possibly getting a little used to it in the morning before the crowds came helped a bit, but I consider that should you approach nudism from the appropriate standpoint it isn’t a sexually charged encounter and so there is really nothing to be uncomfortable about. For those who haven’t tried it yet, I’d encourage you to give it a try. Its certainly amazing.

I’ve since been back to the beach many times and joined a nonlanded club where we’ve been able to relish day trips to landed clubs in the area. It is all amazing but my favorite venue is still the shore with its surf and sand!

-Ryan N.
Baltimore, Maryland
Waited Too Long

My entire adult life thus far has been subjected to rules designed to stop embarrassment to the “business.” I have had to play by everyone else’s rules. Well for the first time I chose to take my first step of “independence” and took a trip to Haulover Beach. WOW! What a awareness relief! To be there, with all those lovely people who had no care what others thought of them…and there I was with them. How amazing it was to feel the sun on my entire body. Swimming in the ocean with no confinement of a swimsuit. So pleasurable. I can not wait for my next visit. Regrettably, here in Miami there are not any clothing discretionary communities, so I am planning a holiday to one in Central Florida. I can not wait. I am so thrilled with my new found life.

Miami, Florida
First time at nudist camp!

I was told about nude camp. Was interested! Didn’t go the first year but the next I did go. What a freeing experience! I joined AANR the very next week and this year became an Associate member!

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I appreciate it so much that I do proudly say I’m a nudist!

-Deb S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The chance of visiting a nudist club fell into my lap out of the blue. In those days I was dating my wife Claudia, but we had not taken a step forward. We were merely building up the camaraderie in those days. Afterward out of a blue I was having tea at her place, when her mother entered. Shortly we got acquainted, then her mother mother asked me if I would like to join her and Claudia over the weekend at a nude resort. I found myself saying YES.All she advised me was to feel friendly with everyone.

The next Saturday morning we were on our way. When we reached there, all I can say it was a bare forest, but very well preserved.

Soon they both got there, clothes off as if it was ordinary routine. I also had to take off. I was shy a bit, but to my shock no one troubled to look at me. Claudia’s mother, seeing me hesitating a bit, offered to show me the resort. I was surprised to see nude girls/ women playing volleyball, other sports and swimming with nude guys. Not only this but men taking pictures of their relatives in nude. This made me feel comfortable.

All I can say is it was a best weekend I ever had. I felt healthy, and noticed that I had developed more assurance. Now My lovely wife and I are regular members of that resort. We have made many friends there. I suggest to all individuals all over the world take a rest and give your own life an opportunity to transform.

Bochum, Armed forces Europe, Middle East, Africa, Canada
Best car ride ever

I consider my first time encounter to be when my(then future) wife and I were taking a road trip to Canada. It was in 1989 and we were driving up Interstate 81 through New York. It was a wonderful day. My wife was driving the car and we had the windows down. We were both simply enjoying the ride along with the gorgeous landscape that was passing by and I began to get the sensation that I was wearing an excessive amount of clothes , and so I kicked off my shoes and got out of my shirt.

We drove along for a little while more and I started easing my slacks away. My wife looked at me and asked, “what are you really doing?” I told her I was getting comfortable. Not long after that I slipped out of my undies, and was cruising up Interstate 81 naked as a Jay bird.

It was excellent! My wife thought I was insane. I think she still does but she’s stuck with me for nearly 20 years.

Now I realize that was not a group nudist experience but it was the first time that I declared myself a person who likes to be naked. I do have to likewise include that that car ride was the very best memory I have of that excursion.


Ever since I was a child I was interested in the naked body.

My fascination started from seeing a shower curtain in my parents bath room that had a naked girl on it. Afterward I saw my grandfather walking naked to the bathroom, when my grandparents stayed at my parents house for a visit.
I think http://nudiststube.com was or is into nudism, because she didn’t wear panties, instead she wore pantyhose. I think my parents might have tried swinging, because one morning we children discovered a pin-the-boobs-on-the-babe poster still hanging on the den wall from one of their celebrations they had the night before. Me and my brother would likewise look through my dad’s playboy magazines while our parents were out shopping.
All of these things made me curious but mainstream society depicted nudist as quacks, along with the human body as smelly and dirty.
But I found out later in life the body odor is because of bacteria that develops in wet shadowy areas, like parts of the body that sweats erotic nude beach video , and are covered by clothes.
To demonstrate that point,I was told by a physician while I was enlisted in in the military, to eliminate this recurring rash I had between my legs, was to wear no pants in my room once I was alone.
A another thing that pulled me closer to nudism was the bare travel magazines I would see in book stores.
Well, I began nudism with skinny dipping, and naked hike at golf courses during the night. Subsequently I started roller blading and bicycling naked on bike trails early in the morning while it was dark out.
I then graduated to hiking nude during the day in woods and parks.
I now wear clothing when I have to to function in a clothed society.
I don’t have any shame in nudism since I believe we were created by a God
and not the consequence of evolution,and that he made every living thing, and then he created man and his wife. He demanded them to be fruitful and multiply and fill the world, and have dominion over all of the earth. And the man and the girl were naked and had no shame.

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The second reason I don’t have any shame is because all of God’s creature are nude. I do not see them crafting themselves clothed, or trying to hide their bodies out of shame.
What I’d like to investigate next is social nudism. The only thing that’s holding me up with this particular experience is most of the nudism resort around here charge $80 to spend one day at their resorts.
The second problem is lots of resort do not allow single men.

Meet my daughter Vasiliska

Hi, my name is Britney and I’m lesbian. It will not really have anything to do with this story other than I was really prepared for a girl like this. Her name is Vasiliska. She is Russian. But I am getting ahead of http://videonudism.com/firsttime/sexy-beach-pussies.php . There is more to this story and I really needed to share it along with you. For one, this was the first time I ever went to a nudist beach, which is an experience in itself and this was also the day I met this gorgeous girl from Russia, so exquisite and so alluring that I never thought I’d meet anyone like that on vacation.
It was last year and this was the first time I went to Europe. Me and a couple of my friends went on a month long holiday seeing Spain, France and Italy. We were checking out a few of the most delightful cities on the planet and also a number of the greatest beaches that I’ve ever seen in my life.

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And it absolutely was excellent. It turned out to be a real great vacation meeting new folks, getting wasted around the place and http://nudests.net . In case you should put a gun to my head and ask me which of the states is the greatest and where we had the best time, I couldn’t tell you. They were all excellent and we met so many great people that I just could not give you one. Nevertheless, there’s something that happened in France that made it my favorite part of the trip and that is the girl in this picture, Vasiliska.
We met at a pub there, among the largest places for young tourists and locals alike in Marseille that is an insanely interesting and wild town. She was there with some friends of hers as well, most of them Russians who studied in France and who were also on vacation. Let’s simply say that it proved to be a crazy night. And when there is anyone who understands how to party, then it’s the Russians. I mean, these were all girls who were just legal, like my Vasiliska here, hardly 19 and already insane as hell, having the ability to drink gallons of alcohol without even becoming tipsy. as soon as I met her, I knew she was something particular and the next day I realized how unique she is really. Namely, that night, we concurred that the two of us, just the two of us will attend a beach together.
I met her the next day, still hungover like hell and she was looking like she just had the most refreshing night ever after a night at the opera. I’ll never have the capacity to comprehend those Russians. Whatever the case, she told me that we were going to a nudist beach and I played it cool. I said alright. I didn’t desire to let her understand how nervous I was. And we went. It was a bit out of time, but she’d rented a car and we were there in under an hour.
We got to the beach and there were perhaps a dozen folks there, not more. They were largely locals, a few families and two or three couples. It was quiet and it absolutely was intimate. And then Vasiliska took off her clothing. I was lost for words. To begin with, she’d the most beautiful skin I’d seen in my entire life, so creamy and so fresh I nearly came. She was also fully shaven and had the most delectable-looking pussy I’d seen to that point. And her boobs, they were just perfect. They were so supple and so perky that I just wanted to bury my head in them. But I managed to keep my cool. I asked her if I could take a photo of her and she told me that I could. And that is the photograph you can see here. Oh yeah, she also had those nipple rings that I believed were just too tacky. Not on Vasiliska. She appeared so amazing that I just feel in love with her there and then.

For the longest time, my nudity has been restricted to my home, backyard, or remote places with no one else about.

Back in May, I was working work in Alabama and had a 5-day weekend for Memorial Day. I had done lots of study on the internet about “clothing Discretionary” beaches and naturist/bare clubs and had read about Haulover Beach, so decided to go there for my first time.
So, I made the trip down there, but after checking into my hotel (which SHOULD have been fairy close to Haulover) I realized I didn’t have web for directions so I only walked down the shore. Evidently, I did not find it. The next day I DID find it. (Got good directions this time.) The parking area was arcoss the road from the beach and there was an underpass for pedestrians. When I got to the high shrubbery (to block http://nudists-video.net rom the traffic) I saw a sign that said “You May Strike Nude Sun Bathers Beyond This Point”. Right behind the sign proved to be a nude guy taking a shower, so I figured I was in the proper area.
Well, I got my cooler, chair and towel to the shore, found a nice place and set things up. After everything was set up, I took off shirt and shoes. So now I’m standing there in front of my chair and I said to myself, “Well, this is what you came for. It is now or never.” And with that, I shed the short pants and folded them up with the remainder of my clothes. So now I am standing on the beach, absolutely nude fpor the first time. What a feeling.
I spend several hours there (as the previous day was squandered on a wild goose chase) before I needed to hit the road. But on the way out, I got a flyer that talked about Apollo Beach. Because it was on the way, I decided to stop by and check it out.

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It was a great drive off the interstate highway, but I made it, stripped down and spent a couple more hours in the buff.
After the job in Alabama finished, I went back to California and decided to visit as many clothing optional beaches as I could before the next occupation started up. So now I am hooked, just like almost http://nudenudist.com on this site.

My wife has always been reluctant to go naked on the beach

– she has stripped off to swim when caught unprepared on a really hot day – but has never truly felt comfortable with the thought. She’s consistently said the best thing about naturist beaches was that she didn’t have to worry about covering herself with a towel when changing.
This year we took our vacation in France and visited the shore at Espiguette near Grau du Roi. We’d been there on several preceding occasion. One section is naturist but the two years we went there we didn’t guess to that section of the beach as my wife didn’t see it. Then there was the year we fell upon the Mistral – a strong wind that got the better of my efforts to fasten our parasol. We discovered that there clearly was a cafe with sunbeds and parasols on the first day of the naturist section. We installed ourselves and I went naked while my wife wore her bikini.

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When we swam she typically removed her top because she doesn’t like swimming with a halter neck. Her normal practice would be to subsequently change into http://skinnudist.com for sunbathing.
Day One.
This year we arrived at the shore after a 300 mile drive from our overnight hotel. We went straight to the cafe and hired our sunbeds and then went in for a swim with my wife wearing both parts of her bikini in the event the water was chilly. It was not! We then suncreamed, my wife put on her dry bikini and we settled down to sunbathe. From time to time she would take off her top to sunbathe on her tummy. We chose to go for another swim. My wife took off the bikini top, hesitated, and then said “What the heck” and removed the bottom as well and alked down to the water. From that point on she swam bare but sunbathed in her bikini.
Day Two.
My wife swam nude but continued to put on a bikini for sunbathing. When lying on her stomach she removed her top but when lying on her back she went in for strap juggling. She doesn’t like rubbing suncream on her breasts and she’s quite concerned about them getting burnt. On our journey she’d purchased some factor 30 Roc suncream for her face in a pharamacy and she was given three small samples of their variable 60 merchandise. She determined that the following day it would be easier to attempt that on her breast and go topless.
Day Three.
Topless for sunbathing and walking; naked for swimming.
Day Four.
At the beginning of the day it was a bit breezy so for the first walk my wife wore her bikini top – “for heat not modesty” but for the remaining portion of the day she was again topless or nude for swimming.
Day Five.
After swimming she decided to stay naked as her skin proved to be a little red where it was squeezed by the rubber band of her bikini. To my surprise she even remained nude for a lengthy walk along the beach. Days Six, Seven and Eight.
Bare all day but one bikini packaged “in case”.
Days Nine and Ten.
No bikini packed. My wife declares that she is now a naturist but wouldn’t want to strip off in England because it’s too cold! She starts talking about next time we come here and not having to bring a bikini ….
Many guys have posted about their wives being http://nuderoad.com . It’s just a case of patience and supplying the proper environment. It is just taken a little over thirty years of marriage … My wife says this is the most relaxing vacation we’ve ever had.

Several years ago, when I was just starting to

investigate social nudism, I was travelling across the state for a meeting or something. My route took http://nudismpictures.net to a nudist resort that I’d wanted to visit. So I called ahead and arranged for a tour. I pulled off the main highway, and down the ever increasingly smaller road. I was not wearing much to begin with, and pulled off the remainder about half way down the little road. Finally I reached the entry, and pulled in to a parking space in front of the office.

Since this was a nudist resort, I saw no need for clothing, and got out of the car, and walked into the office completely naked. I walked in to locate the guy supporting the desk was clothed, in addition to the two couples in line ahead of me. I felt extremely NEKKID! He finished with the first couple and we grinned at each other as they departed. The guy asked if I was the one there for the tour. He said there would be someone here soon. I was a bit nervous, but no one seemed to care that I was naked.

A few seconds later, I heard something outside the door, and turned to look. In walked a family of five. Husband and http://voyeurwebz.com , with their three children two boys and a girl that were between 18 and 16. All five of them were fully naked and barefoot just like me. It made me feel a good deal better. My tour guide showed up shortly after that, and we were gone.

It turned out to be a strange experience, but I remember it well.

Hey, Im from Brighton in England. I’ve been a nudist for three years now.

Sadly for me, no-one in my family knows about it and if they did, I would most probably get grounded for the remainder of my entire life! I come from an extremely old-fashioned Christian family and they would believe nudism equals lust and sex.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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When I was 16, there was a lady called Tracy Seargeant who streaked at the indoor Bowls Championship. Now, I’m by no means interested in bowls but it was all over the news for several days. I had heard of streaking before but until then, it had never captured my attention. I went online several days after and hunted for streaking. I scrolled through a few websites that looked dodgy and discovered one called Streaking.org, I visited that website and found a forum there and read through as many of the posts as possible in the time I ‘d before someone came down the stairs to utilize the computer. As far as I could tell, all these individuals were interested in being naked whenever http://videonudism.com/voyeur called their lifestyle a nudist lifestyle.
A couple of days after I was left at home by myself and remembered what I had read. I made the decision to take my clothing away; I was in my basement where the computer was so I’d have a lot of time to get redressed. The first thing I did when I got online was hunt for nudist Christian; I wanted to be sure that what I was doing was acceptable by God. I found so many sites and after reading through a few of them, I had enough scripture to back up living my life naked.
I spent as much time as possible bare after that (which wasnt very frequently actually as I shared a room with my younger brother). Additionally , I began sleeping nude (did anyone not begin this way! Lol). I got into bed wearing my boxers and as soon as I was under the covers, I took them away. I had to make sure I was awake before my father came into my room to wake my brother and I; I needed to put my boxers back on so he wouldnt understand I had been naked.
I also began sneaking out late at night to streak my road (my influences back then were obviously streakers!). My road was a very active one and I was seen so many times that Im surprised my family never found out about it. http://nudiststeen.com , I didnt bother putting my boxers back on in the morning.
This behavior continued for about a year with little other differences. Originally, my dad attempted to get me to sleep with my boxers on but soon he stopped trying. Then, I found out about the nudist beach in Brighton. I was quite happy as I hadnt ever been naked with another person. I went down there for the very first time in April 2003. It was strange being naked with other people but I was not reluctant to get nude. It looked quite natural. I went to the nudist beach for the whole summer of 2005. Additionally , I met some other nudists and spent some time on the South Downs with them. They have been the only nudists I’ve ever met personally.
We’ve now moved to the different side of Brighton and I have now got more chance to get naked as I no longer share a room with my brother. Nevertheless, I can no longer go out on late night streaks as the ground floor has an alarm system which makes a sound when it’s turned off. I dont go to Brighton nudist beach very often anymore because it’s too far for someone with no car to visit. Rather, I visit the beach at Shoreham that’s additionally nudist.

The first time I was completely naked in public

, with strangers I did not know about, my loving husband and I were on holiday. We’d wake up quite early, before sunrise, in order to jog on the sandy beaches while they were still abandoned.
We had ended jogging on the beach, and stopped in a secluded cove near the hotel. There, we took off our clothes and walked into the ocean. At that time, 6.00 am, the shore was left, the sea, level and cold. There was a large stone reef on the sand, 40 feet inland from the shoreline, where we left our garments.
We were enjoying our early bath when we heard a yell. We looked up and what we saw was a multitude of individuals standing on the shoreline. Some of them were already in the water and coming toward us!
They were mostly teenagers, of both genders, but largely males. They had ridden bikes from a nearby town, in order to spend a couple of days at the beach on their own. They’d brought their food and they were going to camp among the trees along the beach. It was quite apparent they were settling in to stay a good while.
We didn’t understand what to do! The police made their rounds at 7:30 and we could be fined or even worse, detained for our public nudity. Some of them came to us and as soon they realized I was naked, they got nearer. They couldn’t believe it!
At first I was embarassed, but we began discussing and also the ice started to melt. One of them asked me if I was bashful. I was, but I said “no”. He phoned to his pals, “Hey, come and see this,” and more came. I discovered I was beginning to appreciate nudist family photos . Maybe I was the first woman they saw nude. I like to think so in my secret fantacies.
It was ten minutes before 7:00. We’d really been in the water a long time and we were chilly. My nipples were erect and protruding. The group was waiting for us to leave http://crazypublic.com . And we left. I’ll never forget the look of expectation and amazement I saw on their faces.
as soon as I found myself standing on the sand, bare, in the front of them, my shyness flew away. They were admiring me… and I really appreciated being bare for them!
We had time before the authorities came on their rounds to go into the trees and we remained with them. No one got upset or mad. Nudity was something new to them and they were fascinated.
We spoke standing, sitting and lying on the sand for a while, drying our bodies and shooting sun. They asked lots of questions: Where are you from? Where do you reside? Are you really shameless? Do you do this constantly? I was totally relaxed and I entirely exposed my naked body to them.

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One asked if he could shoot pictures and he did. He shot pictures of the group, some of whom had drop their own clothes. He photographed my loving husband and I both alone and jointly. We gave him our postal address and money to send the pictures and we were pleasantly suprised when they really arrived.
My first public total nudity was a lovely experience… I’ll never forget it. We met the group again later that afternoon and stayed until sunset. The following morning my husband and I, bare, bathed, spoke and joked with them again. The following morning when we got up, I was saddened to see they had gone.

I dont’t understand if I was courageous ot didn’t desire the day to

finish but several years back while visiting A nudist club in North Georgia which I was a member I ‘d stayed till the sun had gone down, I headed down the hill and was getting my clothes from the back of my van and quit,I relized I still did’t want the day to end and threw my clothes back into the van and got behind the steering wheel nude and headed for the gate. I made it to the main highway when I relized I was still nude and had sixty miles to go and had to pass through three towns and several red lights before I was dwelling. http://picsnudism.net rolled down my windows and enjoyed the summer wind,passing through the first town and than reaching the second town was simple until I stopped for the red light I looked back and saw the police car also joining me at the light,the light changed and I was again on my way,a little bit nervous but it didn’t continue particularly after the police car turned after a couple streets. Shortly I arrived in my driveway where I left my van retrived my fresh clothes and headed inside hoping not to shock the neighbors what a hurry how alive I felt. I just done that once and I really don’t know why I did’nt do http://nudist-picture-club.com !

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