My Bucket List

I viewed the movie “The Bucket List” and it made me think of my own personal bucket list. One of many things I ‘d always desired to do was see a nude resort. I’d swam naked in Lake Mead regularly and a few other locations and enjoyed the feeling of freedom you get being naked.
I chose to find a nearby nudist facility and visit. My wife said she was not interested so I went alone to Mountaindale Sun Resort.

The host was very friendly and clarified the rules and gave me a quick tour. I could not wait to get undressed and join up with the folks at the pool. I truly enjoyed my visit and went back a couple more times. The pool, hiking trails, watering place and property are a great place to spend time. Being naked felt so natural I quickly adopted the notion.

My wife doesn’t share my excitement so my chances to see are reduced. My times at the nudist resort are some of the most relaxing and enjoyable recreation I’ve ever done. I ‘m certainly glad I acted on executing one of the items on my “bucket list.” I found fellow nudists to be an extremely friendly bunch.

-Wayde D.
Why Did We Wait So Long?

Our first experience with social nudity occurred during the Skinny-Dip this year. My soon to be wife and I read about it in the AANR Bulletin. We talked about it for several days and finally decided to go. She was really a little fearful of getting naked in public. She had all the anxieties that are discussed on all of the parks’ websites.

When we arrived at Whispering Pines, we were greeted by several nude people at the gate. They seemed so at ease standing there and welcoming us to the park. They smiled and gave directions to the parking area. So off we went into the sphere of beach blondes . We drove past a lot of folks that were naked as well. All of them grinned and waved like they understood you.

After we parked and got out of the vehicle, I began to take my clothing away. She looked at my like I was insane. “Are you becoming naked right now?”

“I certainly am; everyone else is so we should be too.” She began to remove her clothing as a woman pulled into the place next to us. Robin quit and just stood there as the woman got out of her car and stripped, and grabbed her towel and cooled and gave a very nice hello to us. I believe this removed all reluctance from Robin. She removed the remainder and we walked to the pool area.

That was the beginning of a brand new lifestyle for us. We have been back there and to The Bar S Ranch.
We’ve met a number of the friendliest folks at both areas. Now we’re getting prepared to join one as members.

All I can declare is why did I wait so long to get this done? It is the greatest form of outdoor recreation. Sun and air on the naked skin is wonderful to let life’s frustrations go away. Hate to have to pack up and go home. But like I said we will be back as frequently as possible.

-Bob & Robin L
Sanford, North Carolina
The 15 minute Challenge

We’d just bought our first RV and were looking for somewhere close to try the new RV. A Web search of nearby RV resorts located very few places to go that were relatively close. I located Lilly Valley in Fort Erie, Canada and thought it seemed intriguing.
When my wife came home and asked if I found around I told her there were a few that were more than 100 miles away, however there was a “nuddie” resort only across the Peace Bridge.

I was astounded when her only reply was “OK.”
I called and made reservations and we were on the way. About 45 minutes later we were there. Lilly Valley has a little gate and several bare males met me there and helped direct me on which way to turn to get in. By the time that I got through the gate there were six nude guys with enough metal to construct their very own battleship. Lilly Valley regulars were at that time into piercings.

As I started to get out of the truck to set up my wife said, “What if I can’t do this?” My answer was it takes 15 minutes to set up, and another 15 minutes to take it down. If you don’t enjoy will leave. That seemed reasonable to her so we unhooked the RV. Inside 15 minutes we had met a Postal Worker and his wife, a family with two children, the owner, and various other individuals. No one paid any attention to any parts except for the portions of the RV.

We’ve been nudists since then. We also felt the demand for AANR so much we became Premier members and then Life members. Now all of our excursions are constructed around going from one nudist resort to another.

-Chales L
Buffalo, New York
First Nudist Vacation

I reserved our wedding to coincide with my birthday and didn’t tell my future wife that I’d reserved our room in Jamaica to be on the Nudist side of the resort.

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To say she was shocked was an understatement. I was unpacking when I heard her scream and I went to investigate and found her on the balcony laughing about some guy who she said was walking around with no clothes on. I said what do you anticipate, we are on the bare side of the resort?

After about 3 hrs of looking and laughing she came to conditions and from then on we became nudists and have remained so ever since, and by the way we did get married with clothes on.

Land O Lakes, Florida
Cradle to Grave

My first encounter could be a bit different as compared to various other folks. My parents were nudist. I imagine, given the time frame, I was about two years old when I had my first memory of going to a “nudist camp.” It was someplace in the Bay Area in California. My subsequent memory comes from sometime after we moved to Ohio (about 1954). We then moved to Louisiana where there we no resorts or camps within a fair driving distance from our home. We did holiday at a few locations in Florida and Texas from about 1956 to 1964. My parents scarcely bothered to get dressed round the house and my mother spent a least a few hours a day, during good weather, sun bathing in our quite large backyard. I’ve been wed a bit more often that I would have enjoyed, but all of my wives have become nudist or at least participated in my nudist activities. I’m an academic and one of my research areas has involved research on the effects of a nudist life style on children (positive outcomes), and legal issues relative to use of public areas by nudist (testified in various legal actions).
I think that one of the most favorable results of my life long experience as a naturist is that I’m very comfortable with all sorts and kinds of folks. I have learned for the most part to just take folks as they come and they do come in all shapes and sizes.
So . . . my first experience was atypical, but now 60 years later I ‘m still at it.

-Larry G.
Yuma, Arizona

First Time Experience

This may appear a bit odd, but I first got interested in nudism once I was about ten years old. I read the Adam & Eve story and wondered what it’d be like to be nude outside. So I went out to a patch of woods near our home and took off my clothing.

It felt amazing with the sunshine and atmosphere on my naked body. I was hooked from then on.I still go for walks in the woods for a nude hike. I began going to a nudist camp in southwest PA called White Thorn Lodge. I’m intending to join WhiteThorn Lodge this year.

I additionally have being to Avalon Resort in WV.they’ve a bare motorcycle show there in the summertime. It’s almost always a great time.

-Bob H.
Mannington, West Virginia
Frightened, But For What?

Every summer from my late 20s to 30s I ‘d go to the office of Goodland in Hackettstown, NJ and ask all sorts of inquiries and chicken out and go home. Eventually the year that I turned 40 I got brave enough to truly enter the gate and discover out what I was missing.

as soon as I disrobed in the parking lot I felt totally relaxed. This really is the very first time which I went into the pool and allow the suns rays dry me and felt the breeze lightly caress my whole body. The feeling was quite refreshing.

Now I go to Rock Lodge with my fiance. Rock Lodge was her first experience. At Rock Lodge I experienced two firsts. It was the very first time that I walked in the rain bare and I also had the opportunity to drive my car that way too. We locate the people there to be somewhat friendly and we feel quite relaxed there.

What I was afraid of I will never understand but I am glad I took that first step many years back.

-Jim A.
New Jersey
Proud To Be an Advocate

Having been exposed to nudist magazines as a young child, I covered the pleasure of being nude. It was not until I went off to school that I was able to actually join a club in Spokane, WA. What a thrill being able to be with other like minded people of all ages. Upon moving to Seattle I had the chance to join another club in which I attended monthly swims.

While I’m somewhat detached from the west side clubs and resorts here in Oregon, I more than ever consecrated to the nudist lifestyle and promote it every chance I get with family and friends. I can’t think of a better way to spend time dwelling or when the weather is fine outside. After you’ve tried it, you will never look back.

-Rod N.
Pendleton,, Oregon
How My Wife Became a Nudist

I met my wife in 1961. We were married in 1963. I was hired by TWA in 1966. I chose San Francisco as my domicile. When we moved to California, we lived with Sharon’s mother until we found an apartment. We were hired to manage the building we lived in.

About 1968 we were listening to a radio show. The subject of the show was free beaches. I understood what they were but Sharon didn’t have a clue. I ‘d not brought up nudism with her since I had a bad experience with a prior girlfriend I tried to introduce to nudism.

Sharon requested (in a kidding manner,)”you would like to check that out, don’t you?”

I said, “Sure!” She said not without her! I mentioned, “Fantastic!, let’s do it!” The next week the show had people from nudist resorts talking about national nude weekend.

The host asked why people would go to a resort and pay earth fees when they could proceed to the free beaches. They gave several good reasons. Sharon said the resorts sounded better and if we go we’ll go there. I asked her if she desired to go to Santa Cruz. We put on suits, short pants and t-shirts. On the way I pulled off to a side road. Sharon asked where I was going; I said it was a surprise. as soon as I pulled in to a drive, she asked again.

I told her it was a spot we heard about on the radio. She was uneasy. I mentioned since we were here let us take the tour, that we did not have to stay. We took the tour, the guide said if needed to remain drive in, take our clothes away and enjoy! I was able to talk her into remaining a half hour.

She asked if we had to get bare right away. She said no, get comfortable, than get bare. We drove in, I got naked, but Sharon didn’t right away. It took her no time to take all her clothes away. said she felt out of place with her clothing on.

We were nudists until she got cancer. Sharon passed away 9/11/2001. Not a good day! I restarted nudism after her departure.

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada
My First Bare Experience

It was May 1960, I was a student at U of Champaign. I ‘d been reading nudist magazines since I was in high school, beginning about 1950. At first I looked at the pictures, but after getting bored I began to read the magazines. I determined that someday I would like to be a nudist.

I joined the Air Force after I graduated from high school. I continued to buy magazines while in the A.F. but at that time the law sometimes raided the nudist camps so I never attempted to go. I was now free to go and I was in comfortable driving distance to a nudist camp, Zoro Nature Park.

I drove to the camp. as soon as I arrived the lady at the gate asked if I’d written to get permission to go to. I said no. She called the owner, Alois Knapp. He came to the gate, asked me if I was a nudist and how I understood about Zoro. I told him I had been reading nudist magazines for many years and wanted to become a nudist.

He let me go in the camp for the day but asked me if I had a girlfriend.

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I said yes, but she was at school in Rock Island, Ill. He said to bring her next time that I came. I said I’d try. Following the spring semester was over we both went home and resumed dating. In around three weeks I requested Josie to go with me to this camp I had seen in Indiana. I told her it proved to be a real fine area, the folks were nice and friendly, there was a pond to swim in, volleyball courts, etc. I said I thought she’d appreciate it.

She asked me what was this “nature park.” I told her there were trails through the woods. She kept asking for more information and I finally told her we could go skinny-dipping in the pond. When she heard that she inquired if this place was a nudist colony.

In those days there was no Internet for information so I had nothing to guide me to clarify nudism to her. She called me a pervert, slapped my face and broke our relationship. Gee, I wish I had understood how to explain nudism to her before asking her to join me for that visit to Zoro!

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada

First one I tried was the Therma Europa Centre in the middle of Berlin.

Price was 18Euro for a total day pass, which is great value I think. I went on a Saturday and stayed for about 8 hours. The changing rooms are seperate for man and females. In the primary complex there’s a pool, 4 saunas, 2 steam rooms, hot and cold spas, and a bar and eatery. Plus there’s also places outside where it is possible to swim and relax. The clientelle actually is pretty much 50/50 men and females, and of all ages. Girl come here either by theirselves, with buddies, or with partners – unlike the UK where of women who visit are with a partner. Everybody who goes in the sauna or steam room is completely nude(unlike these UK places where most people keep themselves wrapped in a towel) and a lot of folks just walk about the complex nude(though in the restaurant and bar place you have to put on a bath robe). And also unlike these UK places, there is no perving or “swinging” going on. Everyone here is here because they love using the sauna, spa, and swimming pool. I truly enjoyed my time there. This really is the kind of area I Have been looking for a very long time. It was really active on the day that I went.

Then on the day which I returned back to the UK I had a bit of time to spare, so I went along to the Sauna Garten in Blub, at Buschkrugallee 64. Was not that easy to find the real area itself. I had to enter the Hotel reception and ask, who directed me to the other side of the car park. Afterward I couldn’t see it easily, because there was no clear signs at the entry to say that this was a sauna complex, there was just a sign(can’t recall what it said) to suggest that this was the entrance to a bar. Anyhow, guessed in and found that this was really the sauna. The price was 18Euro for up to FOUR hours, or 20Euro for a day pass. As I only had just over 2 hours to spare nevertheless, I went for the 4 hours choice. All very fine inside. The changing room is unisex. Then in the key region there’s 6 saunas, and 2 steam rooms – all of fluctuating temperatures as well as styles. Plus there is swimming pool, sanatariam, and relaxation place. Again, everyone nude in the sauna and steam rooms – none of this daft towel wearing company. Many of people walk across the elaborate nude. Didn’t seem to be quite as balanced a mixture of sexes here though(on this occasion anyway), perhaps about 62% men/38% females at my rough approximation. I went on a Tuesday afternoon between 3 and 5pm. There was probably only about 30 people here at . I expect it’d have got a little busier later that evening after I ‘d gone. I was unhappy to need to leave the place! As with the Therma Europa Centre, I found this sauna completely fantastic. And I would see again if/when I’m next in Berlin.

If only they’d places such as this in England. It’d be great to see one each week to relax naked. Instead all we get here(apart from the united kingdom festival saunas which are highly recommended) are these pathetic seedy “naturist health Spas” which are controlled by perverts and swingers(due to the inclusion of “play rooms” upstairs), as well as a mostly man clientelle. Never ever again will I pay to see those areas again – The cost I pay(paid) for those(?

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15 for Bristol Gardens, ?18 for Rio’s) will pay for half the price of a return plane ticket to Berlin! I paid merely ?35 for my flight to Berlin from London Stansted.

I look forward to returning to Berlin or elsewhere in Germany later this year, and spending a day or two nude at any of these excellent sauna complexes again.

German Saunas = absolutely brilliant!!


We decided to go to Paradise Lakes in Lutz, Florida (Near Tampa).

After reading the board as well as a number of private emails from members we determined this may be the best “positive” surroundings to provide nudism a try. (My boyfriend really has been a nudist for a while)
When you drive up there is a large gate and privacy fencing all around. There is a gaurd at the gate who directs you to the main office. We went in and signed in, we had a reservation. Our home for the weekend was a lovely Condo with an excellent attic, and an extra bedroom.
It was kind of un nerving noticing nude people walking around! There was a tennis court where people were playing tennis au-natural.

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I actually had a instance of the shys at first. My boyfriend was really understanding, yet he got undressed right away like nothing was wrong… I undressed, but felt so much better having a sizable towel around me….
We went for a walk. Excellent sunny warm day. They have a huge pool where there were quite a couple of people swimming, kids, old folks etc. There was a great water volleyball game going on that was quite a bit of enjoyment to see.
There’s a tavern and grill there where we stopped and had an ice tea and only kind of observed. Everyone was extremely fine, and after awhile I basicly felt more out of place with all the towel around, so basicly I just “lost the towel” It was really a “freeing” minute. It was fine to sit by the pool in the lounge chairs and get that all over tan. No one leered at me, in fact we just sort of combined in. I felt quite comfortable.
We spent most of that afternoon sitting by the pool, swimming and sipping ice tea. beach milfs drove into town to get a steak, extremely entertaining restraunts near. When we came back we disrobed and went to the hot tubs. They have two there. One which is really hot and a longer one which is warm. That bath had plenty of people there simply discussing. There was music from a lounge there, however young nudist didnt go in, were not just pub type individuals. But it appeared everyone was having an enjoyable time dancing and appreciating the music. We spoke with several extremely fine folks. One couple had come over from England for a week at heaven lakes. This was their fifth visit, which they do yearly.
On sunday we pretty much just relaxed. We took a canoe out, bare of course and paddled all around this wonderful calm lake. Observed carefully for gators, though did not see one, nevertheless I ‘m not one to take a chance!
Had lunch in the poolside grill, excellent hamburgers. The gift shop there was actually unique. Had some really tasteful body jewelry and scarves and and such. I picked up this really pretty pink coverwrap. And of course the Paradise Lakes T shirt!! All in all I had A GREAT experience and can not wait to go back. Or perhaps reach a nude beach! Thank You so much to everyone here for all the encouragement and advice. Ill be watching the board for information on other resorts and beaches

My motivations for desiring to hang out with naturists were not entirely pure.

If I am being fair they weren’t at all pure. I was driven by my hormones. I mean, what man wouldn’t be? If I’d been acclimatised to seeing nudity from the age 0 upwards it would have been distinct. I was a late starter so it was going to be tough in the beginning, should you catch my drift.
Im going to start off by giving some background information to you all. My name is Justin! I reside in the midlands (thats a spot in family nudists pics ) somewhere around the center. We’re an extremely healthy family compared to everyone else I know. Mum cooks everything from scratch so it never comes out of a packet. She plays tennis two times per week, goes to Yoga every other day, father and me play football once per week and father plays smash a lot, Hannah does Judo class every a week, plays netball for the college team and runs every morning, and Lisa goes to Yoga with mum, plays netball and badminton and swims loads. Quite a healthy bunch, dont you think? Im 16 years old, Lisa is 12, Hannah is 18 and mum and dad are ancient.
Now for all the nudie stuff. It was mum and father that started us all away as naturists/nudists/nudies/loonies/whatever. Two summers ago they said about us all going on a nudie vacation. They said it would be OK because we would be going to France. Nobody will know you there therefore no need to be timid, mum said. Um, nobody apart from all you lot, I answered. I dont understand how they believed being in France would allow it to be easier getting my fishing gear out in front of them all! Lisa and Hannah were up for it with no worries. That I didnt anticipate. It wasnt like we had ever seen each others bodies before and I couldnt believe they said yes and not make any difficulty. Only the summer before Lisa went nuts when she was getting changed on the shore and mum wasnt keeping her covered well enough with the towel and someone got to see her bum. I think getting my kit off was more distressing to me because my body wasn’t the best on the planet. In fact its rather crummy. was something Lisa and Hannah didnt have any worries about. They dont have an ounce of fat between them but I ‘ve plenty to save. Mum and dad went on about just how much pleasure it would be. Hannah was saying it’d do us all good to be less body conscious. She even confessed to walking round the home starkers when she was alone.
It took about an hour for the penny to drop. There was me, scared about all of the women at the naturist resort looking at my body that I’d overlooked an important fact. If they could see my body it meant I could see theirs too! I was 14 at the time and always on the look out for any female flesh to ogle. Father and me had a chat.

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He asked if I was maybe worried about getting an erection in public. Um, yeah, something like that. He told me he was worried about that also. Now I didnt need to know that! Fathers tackle was the last thing I wanted to consider, particularly, you know, like that. I wasnt looking forward to having to look at it in any shape or form. Dad assured me that erections dont occur at places like that. I was convinced Id be the first and make the Guinness book of records or something. There clearly was no way I was really going to be besieged by hundreds of nude women and not get challenging!
I told my friends we were going on a nudie holiday. They all staggered about laughing when I told them. I told them I wouldnt be getting my kit off. That made it all right with them. Once I said that they called me a lucky b****r for getting to see all that free flesh. It took at least 5 seconds for the penny to drop with them. All of them had a thing for Hannah and it came to the attention of one of them drop be roaming around starkers also. They knew hadnt seen her naked before. I were requested that loads of times before by them. As far as they were concerned getting to see her nude was going to be my biggest treat. I hadnt thought about either of my sisters like that before. I was interested to see what they looked like with nothing on. Not pervy or anything. You cant help wondering about things like that. They need to have been wondering about how I looked down there too.
When we arrived at the nudie resort I couldnt believe it. I wasnt expecting to see nude people as soon as we got in the gates. The first girls I saw were nothing to take a look at. It wasnt like I was anticipating. I went with dad to the reception and got our keys. Our apartment was tiny with barely enough room to swing a kitten. I asked when we should get nude and dad said whenever we liked. Hannah was the first to get hers away nearly as soon as father said it was up to us. She was like oh, any time we like? How about now then? and bang, she had unbuttoned her shirt, dropped her skirt, whipped off her knickers and was starkers. Mum and dad went next and I made sure I wasnt last and get my kit off before Lisa. It ended up like a race. I couldnt help it and looked at Hannah a lot. Even if she was my sister she had bits that I wanted to take a look at. When you havent seen a girls littles before (like I hadnt) then you cant help looking.
I stayed in the flat until they all left. They all went investigating. I liked to research on my own. They had a 10 minute head start then I went out. Down at the pool I saw some very cute girls. There was one girl about my age that was amazing looking. Amazing body and cute face. I sat and watched her playing around in the water with various other girls and they were fine to look at too. When she came out the water I got a grin from her. was unbelievable. I hung around the observing them all mess around together. I was going to appreciate this vacation I thought to myself. That night back at the flat we had dinner together all in the nude. That was freaky and strange. Later we went for a walk together and that was nice. I was getting used to my nudity already. Back at the apartment we sat around talking. We all talked about how we felt that day. We all said we enjoyed it. It was still odd being all together and starker and items. It wasnt feeling regular yet. It was just one day thus was going to be odd feeling. I wasnt much interested in looking at Hannahs tad any more so my brain was getting used to all the flesh. We all slept nude and the following morning Hannah, Lisa and me went down to the pool for a swim.
The really cunning girl was there again. This time I didnt stare at her anywhere near as much. I seemed because she seemed cute but the nudity but wasnt that exciting to me any more. When you see folks naked all the time you get used to it. Even after just a day you get bored with it. When I looked at her now it was like I would any lady with clothing on or a bikini. Hannah got speaking to a number of the girls and that meant it was easier for me to. We got friendly with some of them and hung out a lot of the day. I discussed a lot with the girl I saw the day before (her name was Erica and was French). She told me all about her family and that she’d been a naturist all of her life. Very trendy. We hung around together and lot and got to be pals and swapped emails. For the remainder of the time there we did mostly the same things. Swimming a lot, eating, playing games on the shore, visiting the stores. By the end of the holiday my suntan was looking good. When we had to leave I didnt desire to put clothes on again. None of us needed to. On the way home we were all talking about the vacation saying how wonderful it was. We all said we wouldnt wear clothing at home as much.
All my mates wanted to discover about the holiday. They believed it was well exciting when I said about all the naked girls I saw and were dead jealous when I told them about playing volleyball and messing around in the pool with them. I wasnt telling them to get them excited or anything. All I was doing was telling them in regards to the vacation. It was like nothing special by the time that I left. Having them ask me all those questions made me see what I was like before the vacation and just wanting to see naked girls. When you see nude girls all day every day it gets boring. Its way more exciting seeing girls in clothes. What you dont see gets you more excited. All the time at home now we go nude. I dont think much of it any more. So what, were nude? I think everyone should go on a naturist holiday since you get to discover nudity its no big deal. We are merely flesh and bones and simply because some bits are various contours it doesnt mean we should get all worked up over them. Nudity is unsexy almost all of the time and its the other things you do (like wearing great clothes) that makes the body hot. If I can change my thoughts about nudity then anyone can.

While in college, I went with some friends from my dorm to a shore just south of Santa Cruz.

It wasn’t a nude beach and my buddies and I didn’t go nude, but there were several other individuals who were bare. It was clear that the skinny dippers were having a great time and didn’t care who else saw them. This was a completely new concept for me. There clearly was no “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine” quid pro quo, which is the way I understood nudist parks to function. The approach was “I’m going bare because I enjoy it and everyone else can only deal with this.”
I did not go nude that day because I didn’t understand what the approach of my buddies would be toward it. It wasn’t until a couple of years after when I had access to that I went to Bonny Doon Beach just north of Santa Cruz. I’d gone alone that day but there were plenty of other people on the beach and the majority of them were . I didn’t have any major anxieties about taking my clothes off, but I was assured to find that nobody was laughing and pointing and that I did not have any difficulties suppressing my degree of arousal. muriel nude beach found that within a few minutes I was able to relax and simply love being on the shore. There were a completely new series of agreeable sensations such feeling the sunlight and the breeze all over my body and running along the shore and jumping in the water with no soggy bathing suit. The encounter lived up to my expectations. Afterward, I’d visit nude beaches a few times each summer whenever the opportunity availed itself.
I eventually married an extremely proper woman who I met at church. nude pussy on beach assumed at the time that we got engaged that I ‘d be giving up nude beaches forever. Then, she told me about how she and her sister grew up skinny dipping in their own backyard swimming pool. A couple of months after we were married, I took my wife to Red, White, & Blue Beach in California.

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It was her first time nude on a beach and she totally enjoyed it. Now when we go on vacation, we seek out nude beaches and prefer to stay at nudist resorts. We finally have a backyard swimming pool and use swimsuits only when we have visitors.

I am not sure how to decide one experience as my first,

because click ‘ve had nudist encounter over my life that didn’t really seem like nudist experiences.
At about 8, my father, uncle and myself spent a weekend at a “fishing hole’ – no cottage, but a mobile home outside in the woods. On the second day of heat and zero fish getting, we went for a swim to my surprise, in . It was excellent, it was exhilarating and it made my dad and uncle appear so ‘wild and cool’. That occurred a couple of times over a few years.
My father passed away when I was 12. That following summer, my mother I would like to spend about two months with my uncle, aunt, cousins to sort of let me regroup as she was dealing with lots of the aftermath. My uncle/aunt weren’t nudists, nor even clothes optional – only relaxed. They had a pool and skinny dipping was the norm (two cousins, boy and girl younger than me). Many times we’d wander in the house still nude, which after all my experiences outside, appeared newly exhilarating.

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My mother and I moved to a house in a busy suburb two years later, but it had a privacy fence and nice little in-ground pool. would get home from school about two hours before she came home from work. Naturally, I skinny-dipped continuously, and once autumn and winter arrived, would go naked a few hours each day inside. The following summer when we opened the pool, I was always permitted to get friends over, and two of my closest friends (male) started skinny dipping. There was always an additional sense of independence when going nude with others.
I finally started to boldly swim in the early morning, to begin the day the best possible way, understanding my mother was still in the house. It wasn’t so much that I was being more daring, more that I was only more comfy, and desired not to be ‘sneaking’ around in the nude. She saw me skinny dipping several times, as the kitchen window looked right out to the pool and backyard. Initially, I was naturally nervous, but she never formed a major issue of it, requesting me that first time had I outgrown my swimming trunks as I would come in wrapped just in a towel. One day after school was out, I came home from summer league softball and she was out by the pool. I just thought ‘what the heck’ and went out with my towel and jumped in. It was a non event, because after I left the pool and sat across from her, we began talking about my dad, and her telling me how he loved going naked. It may have been the first, truly actual conversation about my dad we’d since he died.
The next morning, I stopped at the kitchen and asked if she wanted to join me for a swim. She said she’d be outside after and she did. After what was bluntly lots of nervous energy diving and swimming in the pool, everything was just tranquil and completely open. We spent about four hours talking about my father, our family, buddies, then pictures, music and things I ‘d never presume to only ‘chat’ about with my mother. It was sort of an overcast day, and a drizzle put a stop to the time that had flew by to our shock. I said I loathed we needed to go in, and she merely picked up my towel with her things and went indoors. We spent the remaining part of the day interior in a brand new routine of liberation.
Once I got my driver’s license, and beach milf became more demanding, we seldom spent time together, and even when we did, it was sadly inconvenient to relax in the nude it looked, so it sort of just stopped other than rare times or early in the morning routine.
So, there are three instants in time for me, and I don’t even consider them my first experience. That would be at college, my fourth weekend in school, but that’s another story and I Have all ready defined the notion of ‘long winded’.