I’d like to just start off by saying a little about myself. Im a 25 year old male and was brought up in

a home where nudity wasnt forbad, but it was understood that nudity was a personal thing.
I cant really recall ever seeing anyone naked growing up. I did however like to be naked by myself and sometimes swim bare in our pool. I could barely consider myself a nudist.
Now onto my first encounter, which occurred just this past weekend. My aunt and uncle invited me to go with them to the desert for the weekend to ride their quads and 4×4. Basically simply a holiday. It had been a little over a year since I ‘d seen them and we got to catching up about whats new in our own lives. It was then that they said that they were trying nudism. The way that my aunt said it was kind of tongue in cheek , and so I thought she was kidding. So I mentioned, If you do it, Ill do it, in a joking tone. Nothing else was said about it during the remainder of the drive.
After a day of riding and having an excellent time, I went into their travel trailer to get cleaned up while my uncle headed off into town to get more gas for the following day.

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My aunt was getting cleaned in the shower so I just began watching tv. After a couple of minutes, she comes out of the small shower entirely bare. After taking a short look, my instincts were to look away at the television. She then sat directly across from me and started running a comb through her hair. Having never seen her like this, I saw that she was in tremendous physical shape for a lady in her mid forties. Discovering that I appeared uncomfortable, she asked if she should cover up. I told her that she didnt have to, it was her trailer and she should do as she pleased. Then I got up and took a shower. After exiting the ridiculously tiny toilet (fully clothed), I took the same seat across from her and began to watch tv again. She asked me if I was open to the idea of nudism and what I thought about it. We began chatting and I discovered that I got used to her being nude, and it became easier to speak with her. She had covered http://ournudism.com with a blanket from the waist down, so it seemed that talking to my topless aunt was simpler than talking to my completely naked aunt. I’d told her about my closet nudist activities in the past. She explained that social nudism is much easier if you simply go for it rather than second guessing whether youll fit in. With this time, my uncle had made it back and was jumping into the shower. I told her that my chief worry was getting an erection, in front of my aunt no less. She explained that thats a common fear and that it probably wouldnt happen. But if it did, its not something to be embarrassed about, its a regular matter. She then got up to make dinner in http://tvamateur.net /living area (yea, its that little!). After our conversation, I didnt really mind that she was totally bare again. Paying more attention to preparing the meal, she inquired if I was interested in trying societal nudism with them. I told her that I would enjoy to. So using her simply go for it slogan, I stripped off everything right afterward. Good for you she said. Nearly instantly, my fear was recognized. As soon as that last stitch was away, and she turned around, I got an instant full on erection. She only looked at me in the eye and said relax, the challenging parts around. I sat down and went back to attempting to concentrate on the television show. After a number of deathly, shameful moments, I realized something really interesting. I didn’t get an erection because I was turned on by my aunt (thank god!), I got one because I was nude in front of her. Having never been in this place before, I was responding to it with a sexual feeling, where it had nothing related to sex. Once I recognized that there was nothing sexual about nudism, I relaxed a lot.
Then my uncle came out of the shower and my embarrassment emerged again. My whole life, I have been on the skinny side and have had poor self esteem as a result of it. But I could tell instantly that I was physically ,ahem, smaller than him in every way! We ended up talking about that and how self acceptance is actually a tremendous section of nudism. Those three days were probably the most freeing days Ive ever had. I came away from this excursion using a sense of confidence and great self acceptance and self esteem. In a way, stripping away the garments freed me from self loathing. I cant wait till the following trip!

Our first time was at Grand Lido Braco in Jamaica. My wife finally consented to give

it a go and I was pleasantly surprised when she reserved a room on the all nude side of the resort. We got to the resort late afternoon. I was expecting to see some bare cpls as the porter took us to http://nudist-photo.com …an “icebreaker” so to speak. It turned out it was the time of day when everyone goes to their rooms to “rest” and prepare for dinner. There was no one around. Our room was on the 3rd floor and the balcony overlooked the nude beach.
I got nude and loved the view as my wife unpacked. A young woman was swimming in the lagoon and came out of the water and set on a lounge under our room to dry off. My wife finished the unpacking and came out…naked but with her arms covering her enormous breasts. We stood appreciating the view together for awhile then decided to get dressed and go to dinner. On the way to dinner we walked around the naked pool region. It absolutely was desserted but we both said how beautiful the area was. After a amazing dinner we decided to go to our room and strip off and go for a skinny dip in the pool. We left our room in robes and went to the pool. We dropped our robes and got into the pool.
My wife was so nervous she was trembling. Again no one else was around. After only a few minutes my wife requested to return to the room. http://xotad.com understood it hadnt gone nicely. When we got to the room she said she was sorry…but sh ewould never have the capacity to go nude with others around I told her it was okay…and I would never make her do anything she didnt need to. We went to sleep and both woke up very early. I watched the sun start to rise sitting nude on the balcony as my wife tried to doze off again. After a bit she came out and I proposed a beach walk. She agreed and we put robes on and walked out to the beach. It was stunning.
The sky was amazing with the rising sun. The wind felt amazing and we walked along picking up shells. We go tto the far end of the beach and I asked if it was okay if I took my robe off. She said sure and I walked along naked..picking up shells.

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I looked back after a bit and she also had taken her robe away. I told her how awesome she appeared and she – – – – headed and said how great it felt. I agreed and we walked along naked picking up shells. We decided to lay out under a little hut in front of our room. After a bit a young cpl came over from the clothed side. They sat down a ways away and took off their suits and started walking towards us naked. My wife saw them as they – – – – headed and said hi as they walked past. She looked to me and – – – – headed…i saw her visibly relax. The cpl got to the end of the shore and headed back our way.
This time they stopped and chatted. As they were standing and we were sitting my wife had a wonderful “view’ of the young man. His wife went off to gather up their suits and she put hers on before she came back. When she got back she given him his trunks however he merely stood there talking in front of my wife. I knew he was doing a bit of “showing off” but I had fun with it. After a bit they wandered off and my wife looked to me and – – – – led and said… I believe Im going to be ok now. Other cpls began coming out to the shore and setting up for the day. The cpl in the ground floor room under ours came out and asked if they could set up by us. Of course we said yes. They were from europe and asked if we had gone naked before. We told them we were beginners. They said they had gone bare each of their lives..and all around the world.
My wife relaxed even more and it wasnt long and she went off with the other woman to roam around the entire bare side. In a single hour the transition was finished. She had gone from shaking nervous to walking around fully naked. I was shocked and amazed…and really very joyful. It was the first morning of a completely wonderful experience.

Since my early teens, I’ve always adored the feeling of swimming and sunning nude.

Our family had a pool in our backyard deep in the heart of suburbia, and I recall wondering whether I ‘d safely placed the chaise sofa out of the view of any readily offended (or easily titillated) neighbors’ eyes as I stole a couple of minutes whenever I really could get the chance to experience what the summer sun felt like on my nude body
And lots of late nights, after the remainder of the family had gone to bed, I’d quietly slip ito the pool for a skinny dip. It was a fantastic natural high.
Interestingly enough, I chose to attend school at UC San Diego.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

During the orientation tour of the campus, the counsel told us incoming freshmen about nearby Black’s Beach — and expressed some surprise when many of us did not know about its staus as one of the best known nude beaches in the nation.
So, I knew right then and there where I ‘d be taking most of my study breaks.
I must say, though, that I experienced what I’d anticipate is a normal degree of trepidation when faced with a first-time nude beach encounter. I recall visiting the beach a few times, and remaining clothed, attempting to determine whether I was “safe”. I saw the beach was huge and spread out such that one could very much maintain a feeling of having “personal space”, at what felt like a comfortable distance from other beachgoers whose reasons for being there might be considerably less than innocent. Eventually, the bait of what I had in the back of my head always desired to experience won out, and one day I took my new boogie-board down to beach, and without reluctance lost my swimsuit.
I hurried down to the water, still a little nervous, attempting not to make eye contact with the few individuals that were nearby. I plunged in the waves, and immediately realized I was having the time of my entire life. I rode the waves for http://x-nudism.net , loving the sensation, feeling like my body was made for this.
I exhausted after a while, and decided to head back up to the seashore. Feeling more relaxed and confident now, I looked around at some of the others present. I should probably mention here that I Have been blessed with some pretty good genes, and I should probably also mention that it was impossible not to see the — well, stares — of several of the gay men present.
After a moment or two of nervousness, I quickly decided that this was fundamentally a public place, and going nude was my pick, and that I couldn’t really stop anyone who wanted to look at me from looking. And that as long as they kept a considerable distance and refrained from outwardly lewd behaviour or unwanted advances or harassment, I’d only accept the “eye contact” as a compliment, and think no more of it and enjoy myself.
I was pleased when it turned out that my fellow nude folks behaved exactly as I had figured they’d. And my approach toward the nude encounter is pretty much the same today — taking off my clothing is a choice I make, but I can’t control what you do. In case you want to look, go ahead and look, but I trust that you simply will not harass or otherwise act distastefully.
To this day, my recollections of http://rohii.com , many nude trips to that shore are some of my finest memories. In recent years, I’ve been landlocked, so to speak, near Sacramento, but it’s always been in the back of my head to get back to Black’s. I’d also like to see San Onofre.

My very first time at a nude beach was at Little Beach in Hawaii. I’d

gone over and stayed back from the shore getting up enough courage to go over to the beach.

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Eventually decided it was something I ‘d wanted to do, so walked on down, found a place and took off my swimsuit. The next measure was to get up and go play in the water that I did.

Another time was at a warm spring and there was another person there sitting in a chair nude. After sitting in the spring for awhile, I got out as well as enjoyed the sunlight naked also. At first when other folks came, I would place the towel over me, but after observing him, I had the courage to remain uncovered with the the next couple of people that came. One couple came and he stripped down to get in the springtime, the lady though transformed into a swimsuit with him holding the towel up. She did loosen up some and would let her top straps down. Once the top slide a little to show one breast and so she casually pulled it upward again. It seemed like she needed to join in, or at least go topless, but just could never move ahead with it.

My recent brave move was to go out nude in the yard of the condo we were staying at with my wife. She’s not into nudism and so sometimes when we are alone http://wnude.com/nude-beach.html and I ‘ve gone naked, she isn’t quite approving. But it is early in the year and I was longing to get some bare time in the sun, so just walked right outside and put on the lounge chair. With the solitude wall at this location, I was expecting she wouldn’t say anything or be upset. She joined me in her bikini and seemed comfortable with me laying out nude. Later on she took her top off which was a bit surprising. After she slipped her bottoms off and joined me nude. Even more surprising was the next day when we were going outside to catch some sun. She did not even trouble to place her bikini on, but only went straight out naked. There were still other times that she still wore her bikini, but encouraging that she was willing to do some nude sunbathing. Looking forward to the summer with her to see how much she is willing to really go.

One last time to connect was when I was at a small resevoir and was putting on a inflatable mat floating on the water. I had on some swimwear that had some clasps, so I released the clasps and loved floating on the mat naked. There were boats going by and a few others on the shore, but it felt so fine. I have done this again once I got past the initial first time. Constantly keep url in case a ranger comes by.

Labor Day weekend normally indicates the ending of the summer.

This summer, I didn’t spend as much nude time outdoors as I would’ve liked. This was mainly due to the close of Eastover (does this mean we need to change the name of the Yahoo group?). Not until the past week of August did I spend some major time nude in the sun. Thru a Meetup.com group for massage exchanges, I med someone for a trade which has a little yard that has some privacy. After our commerce on each other, we spent some time in the yard having a lite bite. It was http://episodes.x-nudism.com . The majority of my nude time was spent indoors in my place, at B.A.N.G. (Boston Area Naturist Group) events, and at some nude yoga classes.
During the last week of August, I went to GNI for the last 5 day period. As always, it’s fine to be nude for a couple of days with old friends and making new ones. Again this year I held a massage workshop, and taking http://freenudistvideo.info from an Eastover fellow I also held a Massage Therapist Roundtable. One attendee that is a photographer was seeking people to model for him to experiment with different poses. Figure who signed up to help? I’m sure you all remember the scorching sun we had during the summertime. My first 2 days (Wed. and Thurs.)at the Assembly were comfy albeit cloudy, but could’ve been warmer.

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Friday the sun actually came thru for the entire day and it was extremely warm. Saturday, the last complete day, most of us needed to put sun block on. Rather than go straight house the next day, I went to visit an eastover aquaintance in another part of PA for a few days. I was expecting to spend some more time bare at there place, but ironicly they do not spend any time naked in their house. I didn’t need to drive the problem; it’s their home and I was only a visitor. Now, the summer is over.

Before the year is over I Will likely make it to some more B.A.N.G. events and some more nude yoga courses. It’d be nice to meet someone to visit Cypress Cove or travel to a different resort with. How about the rest of you? How did you spend your summer nude?